XII Piano Composition Competition Fidelio 2021

Abril 2021 / April 2021

Registration is open/ Inscripción abierta


XI Piano Composition Competition Fidelio 

(Jun – 2020)

Categoría 1 / Category 1

Tonal: Clásico , Romántico  / Tonal:  Classical, Romantic

Paises participantes: 32 / Participating countries: 32

 Germany   Belgium   Spain   Israel   France

Armenia    Japan  USA   Venezuela  Brasil

China  Greece   Austria   Italy  England

 Mexico    Flag of Kosovo.svg  Kosovo   Ukraine  Holland   Ireland 

 Hungary    Indonesia   Canada  Norway  Turkey

 Romania  Croatia  Switzerland   Serbia

 Sweden  Latvia  Taiwan 


Ganadores / Winners

First Prize Winner

  Victor Hugo Morales (Venezuela)  


      1. España antigua


Second Prize Winner

  Gary Shields (USA)


      2. Scarlattini No. 1


Third Prize Winner

  Luis Ponce de León  (Spain) 


      3. Falsos folklores


Categoría 2 / Category 2

Jazz, Impresionista, Ragtime / Jazz, Impressionist, Ragtime


Paises participantes: 24 / Participating countries: 24

 Germany   Spain  France  Armenia   USA

 Venezuela  Brasil  China   Italy  England

 Mexico   Holland   Ireland  Australia  Canada

 Republic of Iran  Colombia  Bulgaria Slovenia flag image - free download  Eslovenia 

 Venezuela  Cyprus  Poland  Argentina

Flag of Kosovo.svg Kosovo  


Ganadores / Winners

First Prize Winner

  (1st Prize) Piotr Matusik  (Poland)


      4. Eternal July


Second  Prize Winner

   Gabriel Ruiz  (Spain)


      5. Distant Waltz


Thrid Prize Winner

   Giulio Gentile (Italy)


      6. Cremisi


Categoría 3 / Category 3

Minimalista, Experimental, New Age / Minimalist, Experimental, New Age


Paises participantes: 19 / Participating countries: 19

 Spain  France  USA  Italy  England

 Mexico   Holland   Ireland  Australia  Canada

 Republic of Iran  Colombia  Ukraine  Portugal

Bandera de Eslovaquia Slovakia  Switzerland  Latvia  Greece  Hungary


Ganadores / Winners

First Prize Winner

   Pedro Santos Sequeira (Portugal)


      7. Le vol des hirondelles


Second Prize Winner

  Fiamma Velo (Italy)


      8. Enchantment of the Sea


Third Prize Winner

    Elias Haddad (Canada)


      9. Etude Op.5 nº1


Categoría 4 / Category 4

Atonal, Contemporánea / Contemporary Atonal


Paises participantes: 13 / Participating countries: 13

 Germany   Spain  France   USA

 Italy  England  Mexico   Holland 

 Bulgaria   Romania  Japan  Sweden

 Republic of Iran


Ganadores / Winners

First Prize Winner

   Slavomir Zaranok (Germany)


      10. Revolte


Second Prize Winner

   Gabriel Ruiz (Spain)


      11. Obsidian


Third Prize Winner

   Ioana Illie (Romania)


      12. Stratus




X Piano Composition Competition Fidelio 

(Dec – 2019) 


Categoría 1 / Category 1

Tonal: Clásico , Romántico, Melódico / Tonal:  Classical, Romantic, Melodic

Paises participantes / Participating countries:  32

 Germany   Belgium   Spain   Israel    Wells   France   Armenia

Colombia   Japan  USA   Venezuela  Brasil  China  Greece 

Czech Republic  Austria  Argentina   South Korea  Italy  England

 Russia  Mexico  Singapore  Albania  Republic of Iran   Ukraine

 Portugal  Holland  South Africa  Ireland  Guatemala  Slovakia


Ganadores / Winners

  (1st Prize)


  (2nd Prize) 

      13. Etude for left hand alone


  (3rd Prize) Massimo De Lillo (Italy)

      14. Quel che resta del giorno


Categoría 2 / Category 2

Jazz, Impresionista, Ragtime / Jazz, Impressionist,Ragtime

Paises participantes / Participating countries:  21

 Germany   Belgium    Spain    Israel    Wells 

Armenia  Japan  USA   Brasil  China  Czech Republic

Argentina  Italy  Cyprus  England  Singapore

 South Africa  Bulgaria  Canada  Australia  Switzerland


Ganadores / Winners

  (1st Prize) Marcelo Bellini Dino (Brasil)

      15. Preludio nº4 Upper structures


(2nd  prize)  EX AEQUO

  (2nd Prize) David Balasanyan (Armenia) 

      16. Swinging Bach


   (2nd Prize) Danilo Andrade (Brasil)

      17. Preludio os euritmistas


  (3rd Prize) Sam Post (USA)

      18. Lemur Rag


Categoría 3 / Category 3

Minimalista, Experimental, New Age /Minimalist, Experimental , New Age

Paises participantes / Participating countries:  22

 Germany   Belgium    Spain  Switzerland  Holland  Italy

 France  Mexico   Brasil  USA   Cyprus  Singapore

  Argentina  Greece  Republic of Iran  Ukraine  England

 Portugal    Czech Republic   Armenia    Russia   Guatemala


Ganadores / Winners

     (1st Prize) Erwin Deleux (Belgium)

      19. Diamond dust


     (2nd Prize)  Joao Alex Dias (Portugal)

      20. The flight of a butterfly


     (3rd Prize)  Pedro Santos (Portugal)

      21. Le vent se lève aux Champs de Blé


Categoría 4 / Category 4

Atonal Contemporánea /Contemporary Atonal

Paises participantes / Participating countries:  20

 Taiwan  USA  Turkey  Spain  Switzerland

 Armenia  Finland  Italy  Japan  Bulgaria 

 England  Brasil  Holland  Austria  Mexico

 China  Singapore  Republic of Iran   South Africa

 Czech Republic


Ganadores / Winners

     (1st Prize) Manjing Zhang (USA)

      22. The whisper of stone drum


     (2nd Prize) Xueting Wu (China)

      23. Firmament


     (3rd Prize) David Balasanyan (Armenia)

      24. Drops



IX Piano Composition Competition Fidelio


Países participantes: 29 / Participating countries: 29

Spain, Germany, United States, Finland, England, South Korea, Italy, China, Scotland, Russia, Arab Emirates United, Australia, Greece, Serbia, Holland, Belgium, Belarus, Austria, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, Uruguay, Mexico, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Israel, Moldova, Portugal and Mongolia.

Ganadores / Winners

     (1st Prize) Peter Lunow (Holland)

      25. Astorwalzer #1


     (2nd Prize) Rod Moulds (Ireland)

      26. Le vent et les vagues


     (3rd Prize) Rod Moulds (Ireland)

      27. Chrysanthemes


VIII Piano Composition Competition Fidelio

(Jan. -2018)

Paises participantes: 40   / Participating countries: 40

Spain, England, Cuba, Scotland, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Azerbaijan, Israel, Russia, Denmark, France, Japan, Brasil, Ukraine, China, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Singapore, Lebanon, Australia, Serbia, Mexico, Republic of Iran, India, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia and Cyprus.

Ganadores / Winners

  (1st Prize) Claudio Filippini (Italy)

      28. Voilà


  (2nd Prize) Luis Ponce de Leon (Spain)

      29. Ebullición


 (3rd Prize) Bruno Vlahek (Croatia)

      30. Empire etude



VII Piano Composition Competition Fidelio


Paises participantes: 38   / Participating countries: 38

Kazakhstan,  Germany,  USA,  Argentina, France Spain,  Holland, Colombia , Canada,  Singapore,  Bulgaria,  Italy,  Czech Republic,  Belgium,  Peru,  Croatia,  Switzerland,  Brasil,  Mexico,  England,  Sweden,  China,  Ukraine,  Venezuela,  Ireland,  Russia,  Lithuania,  New Zealand,  Denmark,  Morocco,  Hungary,  Portugal,  Greece,  Cyprus,  Romania,  Australia,  Austria and Poland.

Ganadores / Winners

   (1st Prize)     Alexander Peskanov (USA)

      31. Joker's waltz

(2nd  prize)  EX AEQUO

  (2nd Prize)     Fabio Vernizzi (Italy)

      32. Pensieri


  (2nd Prize)     Thibault Charrin (France)

      33. Aurore - prelude



VI  Piano Composition Competition   


Paises participantes: 33 / Participating countries: 33

Australia, Republic of San Marino, Sweden, England, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Brasil, Switzerland, Holland, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Mexico, Republic of South Korea, Japan, Republic of Iran, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, China,  Singapore, Croatia and Georgia.

Ganadores / Winners

     (1st Prize)     Bart van Kerchove (Belgium)

      34. Lydian Notes, for the right hand and white keys only, IV


    (2nd Prize)     Heinrich Klassens (Germany)

      35. Reflections of the water


    (3rd Prize)     Bertrand Chauvineau (France)

      36. La lune projette des ombres fantastiques


    (4th Prize)     Eric Tran (United States)

      37. Water


    (5th Prize)     Heinrich Klassens (Germany)

      38. Prelude


V Piano Composition Competition Fidelio


Paises participantes: 24 / Participating countries: 24

Spain, England, USA, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Turkey, France, Scotland, Republic of South Africa, Russia, San Marino, Australia, Chile, Holland, Luxembourg, Serbia, Greece, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, India and Austria.

Ganadores / Winners


      39. Allegro (1st prize) - Ratko Delorko (Germany)


      40. Theme and 2 variations (2nd prize) - Arthur J. Feder (Rep.South Africa)


      41. Dance of the Goddess (3rd prize) - Andrew List (United States)


      42. Daydreams Op.46




IV Piano Composition Competition Fidelio



      43. Byzantine Dance (1st prize) - Veljko Nenadic (Serbia)


Cubans and cigars (2nd prize) Gary Madison (United States) coming soon


      44. Improvisation (3rd prize) - Francisco Fierro (Spain)


      45. Prelude Op.3 No.12 (4th prize) - Valentin Moldovan (Romania)


      46. Impresiones difusas (5th prize) - Jorge Niño (Spain)

III Piano Composition Competition Fidelio


Paises Participantes: 19 / Participating Countries: 19

England, USA, Spain, Italy, Estonia, France, China, Greece, Germany, Egypt, Venezuela, Holland, Scotland, Argentina, Republic of South Africa, Latvia, Ireland, Russia and Portugal

Ganadores / Winners


 (Primer Premio / First Prize) Charles Tebbs (England)

      47. Stalactites and stalagmites


 (Segundo Premio / Second Prize)  Gaspar Hunt (England)

      48. Jools


 (Tercer Premio / Third Prize) Folke Nauta (Holland)

      49. Melodia semplice


  (Cuarto Premio / Fourth Prize) Mark Hernadi (Germany)

      50. Light brown


 (Quinto Premio / Fifth Prize)  Windsor Johnson (United States)

      51. First Snow



II Piano Composition Competition Fidelio


Paises participantes: 11  /  Participating countries: 11

Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Poland, France, Holland, Argentina,Mexico, Cyprus and Republic of South Africa

Ganadores / Winners

   (Primer Premio/ First Prize)  Corinna Soeller (Germany)

      52. A la rive du fleuve


   (Segundo Premio / Second Prize)  Corinna Soeller (Germany)

      53. Comme jadis


   (Tercer Premio / Third Prize)  Laura Solano (Spain)

      54. Worries


  (Cuarto Premio / Fourth Prize)  Eduardo Martín (Spain)

      55. A contraluz


   (Quinto Premio / Fifth Prize)  Jorge Niño (Spain)

      56. El caballo de cristal


   (Sexto Premio / Sixth Prize)  Isabel Morrison (England)

      57. Musette de Sylvain


I Piano Composition Competition Fidelio  


(For Spain Only)

Ganadores / Winners

  (Primer Premio/ First Prize)    Osel Trenado (Spain)

      58. Incógnitas


(2nd and 3rd prize)  EX AEQUO

  (Segundo Premio / Second Prize) EX AEQUO  Jose Luis Olivares (Spain)

      59. A Platero en el cielo de Moguer


  (Segundo Premio / Second Prize) EX AEQUO  Belen Naya  (Spain)

      60. Desencuentro


  (Cuarto Premio / Fourth Prize ) Jose Antonio Peñalver (Spain)

      61. Tarde en el bosque


  (Quinto Premio /Fifth Prize) Mikel Abete (Spain)

      62. Vals de los juegos olvidados

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