CATEGORIA 4. Atonal, Contemporánea

Estilo Atonal Contemporáneo

XII Piano Composition Competition Fidelio 

(April- 2021)

Categoría 4 / Category 4

Atonal Contemporaneo / Contemporary Atonal

Paises participantes: 19 / Participating countries: 19

 Spain    Italy    England    Holland

  USA   Germany  Greece     France 

  Canada    Czech Republic    Israel    Scotland 

Finland  Taiwan    Republic of South Korea

  Mexico    Sweden    Brazil     Japan


Ganadores / Winners

First Prize Winner

  Bart Spaan (Holland)

      1. Stasis


Second  Prize Winner

  Nostalgia (Pseudonym) (USA)

      2. Night streets of NYC Nocturne in an urban style


Third  Prize Winner

  Edward Cohen (Scotland)

      3. Fifth sketch




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