Categoría 2. Jazz, Impresionista, Ragtime

Paises participantes / Participating countries:  21

 Germany   Belgium    Spain    Israel    Wells 

Armenia  Japan  USA   Brasil  China  Czech Republic

Argentina  Italy  Cyprus  England  Singapore

 South Africa  Bulgaria  Canada  Australia  Switzerland



Ganadores / Winners

  (1st Prize) Marcelo Bellini Dino (Brasil)

      1. Preludio nº4 Upper structures


(2nd  prize)  EX AEQUO

  (2nd Prize) David Balasanyan (Armenia) 

      2. Swinging Bach


   (2nd Prize) Danilo Andrade (Brasil)

      3. Preludio os euritmistas


  (3rd Prize) Sam Post (USA)

      4. Lemur Rag


Finalistas / Finalists

     Sam Post (USA)

      5. Ragtime Toccata


     Saúl Cosentino (Argentina)

      6. Aprendiendo a tocar el piano


     Jon Thu (Singapore)

      7. Luminosity


     Liam Pitcher (Republic of South Africa)

      8. Fantasy improvisation for Piano


     Ilja Weigel (Germany)

      9. Coast wind



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Bienvenido, ¿te gustaría participar en este concurso de piano desde casa? pregúntame lo que quieras. Gracias!

Welcome, would you like to take part in this piano competition at home? ask me anything you need to know. Thank you!
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