CATEGORIA 4. Atonal, Contemporánea

XI Piano Composition Competition Fidelio 

(June – 2020) 

Categoría 4 / Category 4

Atonal, Contemporánea / Contemporary Atonal


Paises participantes: 13 / Participating countries: 13

 Germany   Spain  France   USA

 Italy  England  Mexico   Holland 

 Bulgaria   Romania  Japan  Sweden

 Republic of Iran


Ganadores / Winners

    (1st Prize) Slavomir Zaranok (Germany)

      1. Revolte


    (2nd Prize) Gabriel Ruiz (Spain)

      2. Obsidian


    (3rd Prize) Ioana Illie (Romania)

      3. Stratus


Finalistas / Finalists

    Ioana Illie (Romania)

      4. Stratocumulus


    Gabriel Ruiz (Spain)

      5. Arrebato


    Ioana Illie (Romania)

      6. Cirrocumulus


    Bruno Vlahek (Spain)

      7. Desert wind


    Ioana Illie (Romania)

      8. Nimbostratus





¿Qué dijeron los participantes de años anteriores?

     Thank you from my heart. It was a truly unique experience to take part in this. What is so unique about voting while being a participant at the same time? To me it is the aspect of taking responsibility which makes the whole process so different. To me, voting means taking a huge responsibility and developing an attitude of deep care and respect towards others. This totally shifts the perspective away from the purely egotistic striving for success and changes it into caring about others. I feel this is what the world needs so much. It creates the sort of atmosphere which humans would need so much on a world-wide basis in all aspects of life, profession and business.

Apart from that, I was deeply moved that there are so many people who are able to express something uniquely personal in their music. Also this gives me hope for the world to see this potential in humans!

I will surely like to take part in the next competition.

Daniel Fritzen Lübeck (Gernany)

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