VI Concurso Fidelio

Paises participantes: 33 / Participating countries: 33

Australia, Republic of San Marino, Sweden, England, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Brasil, Switzerland, Holland, Israel, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Mexico, Republic of South Korea, Japan, Republic of Iran, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, China,  Singapur, Croatia and Georgia.

Noviembre 2016 / November 2016

Ganadores / Winners

(Primer Premio / First Prize) Bart van Kerchove (Belgium)Resultat d'imatges de BELGIUM TINY FLAG

      1. Lydian Notes, for the right hand and white keys only, IV


ALEMANIA     (Segundo Premio / Second Prize)  Heinrich Klassens (Germany)

      2. Reflections of the water


FRANCIA     (Tercer Premio / Third Prize) Bertrand Chauvineau (France)

      3. La lune projette des ombres fantastiques


USA     (Cuarto Premio / Fourth Prize) Eric Tran (United States)

      4. Water


USA     (Quinto  Premio / Fifth Prize)  Heinrich Klassens (Germany)

      5. Prelude


Finalistas / Finalists

small_czech_republic_flag     Tomás Sýkora (Czech Republic)

      6. Moment musicaux


Resultado de imagen de singapore tiny flag    Low Shao (Singapore)

      7. Nocturne in D flat (Clarence Lee)


Italia     Luca Ottani (Italy)

      8. I colori del mare


Resto de participantes / Rest of participants

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Australia     63 by David Lang (Australia)

     2392 by  Marco Capicchioni (Republic of San Marino)

Bandera de Suecia      4U by Tomas Grut (Sweden)

UK      A boogied-up tune by  Jeffrey Blyth (England)

USA      A classical Rag by Ivan Nagy (United States)

FRANCIA      A farewell by Vivi Piano (Pseudonyme) (France)

FRANCIA      A love finally found by Vivi Piano (Pseudonyme) (France)

canada flag     A piece for my grandfather by  Keenan Reimer-Watts (Canada)

ALEMANIA      A pìece of music by Richard Vaughan (Germany)

canada flag    A prelude for Ioana by  Keenan Reimer-Watts (Canada)

UK      A sad clown’s boogie by  Jeffrey Blyth (England)

Resultado de imagen de austria tiny flag      Abendrot by  Wiff LaGrange (Austria)

ESPAÑA      Abrazado a la vida by Juan Antonio González (Spain)

ESPAÑA      Acompañame by Marcos Jiménez (Spain)

ARGENTINA      Acto natural by Anibal Seminara (Argentina)

Turquia Bandera      Aksak by Lahana (Pseudonym) (Turkey)

ESPAÑA      Always was there and I didn’t want to see by David Romera (Spain)

FRANCIA      Amitié by  Diana Jaworska (France)

UK      Anomaly four by Paul Taylor (England)

UK     Anomaly one by Paul Taylor (England)

GRECIA      April by Ionannis Maramathas (Greece)

small_czech_republic_flag      Autumn Etude by Tomás Sýkora (Czech Republic)

ARGENTINA      Aventuras en la tormenta by Alan Rippari (Argentina)

Resultado de imagen de brazil tiny flag      Axui by Maria Inês Guimaraes (Brasil)

Australia      Ayesha’s song by Zenabella (Pseudonyme) (Australia)

ESPAÑA     Ayrun by Eduardo Martín Erice (Spain)