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Resultado de imagen de austria tiny flag   t.a.r.a.n.t.u.l.a by Jovan Pesec (Austria)

ALEMANIA   Take a breath by Daniel Masuch (Germany)

Polonia   Tango alla Polacca by Mikołaj Kościelak  (Poland)

ESPAÑA   Tarde escuchando la radio by Germán Ortega (Spain)

USA   Temptations by Alexander Peskanov (United States)

Resultado de imagen de swedish tiny flag  Thank you by Tomas Grut (Sweden)

USA   Thanksgiving dance by Jon Puro (United States)

HOLANDA   The accumulating dance by Richard He (Holland)

USA   The Albis by Skyler Hill (United States)

ALEMANIA   The broken love by Heinrich Klassen (Germany)

ALEMANIA   The home within by Daniel Masuch (Germany)

UK   The Seagull by David Brown (England)

USA   The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Mariza Costa-Cabral (United States)

USA   The Story of my life by Adriel Aguilar (United States)

USA   The Willamette rag by Jon Puro (United States)

HOLANDA   Thoughts of a despaired heart by Richard He (Holland)

USA   Three Navajo designs by Robert Bassett (United States)

FRANCIA   To play cat and mouse by Jean Alexandre D’alimonte (France)

ESPAÑA   Toccata in G minor by Alvaro Urbanos (Spain)

FRANCIA   Together by Diana Jaworska (France)

ALEMANIA   Tolling of the bells by Dirk Ettelt (Germany)

ESPAÑA   Tú y yo by José María González (Spain)

Resultado de imagen de Ukraine tiny flag  Ukrainian fantasy by Irina Bomshteyn (Ukraine)

Italia   Un nuovo inizio by Giovanni Guglielmino (Italy)

ESPAÑA   Un paseo por las nubes by Fabian de Prudencio Ayube (Spain)

USA   Unrestful sleep by Alden Jenks (United States)

ALEMANIA   Unter allem eine by Stefan Schöler (Germany)

Venezuela   Venezuela 911 by Venezuela 911 Francisco Hernández (Venezuela)

USA   Village under the Sunset by Always in love (Pseudonym) (Holland)

USA   Virtuoso by Mr.J (Pseudonym) (United States)

ALEMANIA   Vor der Messe by Guido Korbach (Germany)

ESPAÑA   Voragine by Ana María Pérez (Spain)

USA   Walking Alone with my Thoughts, I Keep a Steady Pace and Show No Expression by Mariza Costa-Cabral (United States)

UK   Waltz come un robot rotto by David Brait (England)

USA   Waltz in A minor by Alexis Sobleski (United States)

USA   Waltz in C# minor byMr.J (Pseudonym) (United States)

HOLANDA   Waltz No. 20: “My Ghost Returned and Gone Again” by Jochem Le Cointre (Holland)

HOLANDA   When insanity expands by Richard He (Holland)

HOLANDA   When it’s raining by Donna Verdell (Pseudonym) (Holland)

ALEMANIA   Where the wild thyme blows by Richard Vaughan (Germany)

ALEMANIA   While she sleeps by Deniz Inan (Germany)

Nueva zelanda bandera   Whisper in the mist by Rachel LaFond (New Zealand)

USA   White fog by Nathan Rivern (Pseudonym) (United States)

USA   Widmung by Zane Gillespie (United States)

HOLANDA   Wild horses by Donna Verdell (Pseudonym) (Holland)

USA   Wild thing by Glenn Hardy (United States)

UK   Without Isla by Jayne Thompson (England)

FRANCIA   You by Diana Jaworska (France)

ESPAÑA   Zoraida by José María González (Spain)