N-P (VI Concurso Fidelio)

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ALEMANIA   Nach der Hitze by Richard Geyer (Germany)

UK   New Orleans lullaby by Daniel Nicholson (England)

USA   Ninja Runner! by Jamsheed Ahmad (United States)

ARGENTINA   No siempre by Anibal Seminara (Argentina)

RUSIA   Nocturne #3″ (Butterflies) in E flat major byDmitriy Lukyanov (Russia)

Resultado de imagen de singapore tiny flag  Nocturne in D flat by Low Shao (Singapore)

USA   Nocturne No.1 by Wyatt Cannon (United States)

Resultado de imagen de austria tiny flag   Nocturne nº4 in Fmajor ( The way of the orphan) by Dominik Derler (Austria)

ESPAÑA   Nocturne Op.4 nº1 by Abraham Tena (Spain)

Italia   Non avrai la mia paura by María del Mar Cabezuelo (Italy)

USA   Northern lights byP.J Brunson (United States)

Australia  Nostalgia by Andrián Pertout (Australia)

ESPAÑA   Nostalgia by Marta Moreno (Spain)

USA   Not yet by Sun 8033 (Pseudonym) (United States)

ALEMANIA   November (for Left Hand) by Julius Kohler (Germany)

ESPAÑA   Noviembre by Jesús Camacho (Spain)

ESPAÑA   Novosibirsk by Manuel del Pozo (Spain)

USA   Of What’s to Come VII by Matham Wilsoned (Pseudonym) (United States)

HOLANDA   Olinda by Aspasia Nasopoulou (Holland)

Italia   Omaggio a Pippo Barzizza by Agnese Sanna (Italy)

ALEMANIA   Oscillate by Aurelio de Wolf (Pseudonym) (Germany)

HOLANDA   Otoño 1999 by Noirigi (Pseudonym) (Holland)

Resultado de imagen de austria tiny flag   Ouvertüre of the Enns Anthems by Wiff LaGrange (Austria)

UK   Over Skylines by Alga Mau (England)

Polonia   Page for Didi by Jakub Polaczyk (Poland)

ALEMANIA   Paper and keys by Aurelio de Wolf (Pseudonym) (Germany)

Resultado de imagen de swedish tiny flag  Pardonaise by Nils Ericson (Sweden)

ESPAÑA   Pasión en menor by Manuel del Pozo (Spain)

HOLANDA   Pastorale by Jan Karman (Holland)

ESPAÑA   Pensando en ti by Miguel Oscar Musso (Spain)

Italia   Pensiero by Giovanni Guglielmino (Italy)

ESPAÑA   Pequeño blues by German Ortega (Spain)

USA   Perseids by Rebecca Oswald (United States)

HOLANDA   Petite fille vox by Rene van Helsdingen (Holland)

RUSIA   Petite Valse Romantique” in F major by Dmitriy Lukyanov (Russia)

canada flag  Piano adage by Lyricomposer (Pseudonym) (Canada)

ALEMANIA   Piano composition 12 by Georg Wiese (Germany)

ALEMANIA   Piano composition 14 by Georg Wiese (Germany)

UK   Piano sonata (First movement) by Emilio Blasich-Gagg (England)

Italia   Pioggia by Rosita Piritore (Italy)

ESPAÑA   Podría haber sido mi amor by Juan Luis Morilla (Spain)

ARGENTINA   Poema by Saul Consentino (Argentina)

UK   Pour mon Amour by Jayne Thompson (England)

USA   Prayer for peace by Alfred Watson (United States)

ALEMANIA   Prelude by Heinrich Klassen (Germany)

RUSIA   Prelude in G moll-E moll by Sergey Tolkaychiov (Russia)

USA   Prelude Op.10 nº2 by Alfred Watson (United States)

ESPAÑA   Prelude Op.26 nº1 by Abraham Tena (Spain)

Italia   Preludio I: Incubo by Rosita Piritore (Italy)

Italia   Preludio notturno by Fabrizio Rossi (Italy)

ESPAÑA   Puerta de Sevilla by Samuel Darville (Pseudonym) (Spain)

ESPAÑA   Purple Jean by Fernando Calvo (Spain)