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China     I wish I’m a wood chopper by James Mozart (Pseudonym) (China)

RUSIA     Iced spring theme by Peter Rudenko (Russia)

Resultat d'imatges de BELGIUM TINY FLAG     IIlusive song by Erwin Deleux (Belgium)

Italia     Il re del pollaio by Giovanni Guglielmino (Italy)

Italia     Impressione da un sorriso by Gianluca Barragato (Italy)

Italia     Impressione da una saluto by Gianluca Barragato (Italy)

USA     In menschlicher Form by Zane Gillespie (United States)

RUSIA     In seach of time by Maksim Starshinov (Russia)

USA     In your arms, my Prince by Mariza Costa-Cabral (United States)

FRANCIA     In your eyes by Jean Alexandre D’alimonte (France)

Italia     Ingannando L’atessa by Andrea Granitzio (Italy)

USA     Introduction by Dmitry von Apets (Pseudonym) (United States)

ESPAÑA     Inventum by Kawa (Pseudonym) (Spain)

USA     Isadora by Nathan Rivern (Pseudonym) (United States)

canada flag   Isles by Alison Yun-Fei Jiang (Canada)

USA     Ivory dance by James Woolwine (United States)

ESPAÑA     Karobai by Luis Ponce de Leon (Spain)

HOLANDA     Killing of the parasites by Richard He (Holland)

Nueva zelanda bandera     Kingfisher by Rachel LaFond (New Zealand)

ESPAÑA     La cadena del destino by Aris Thuiller (Spain)

Flag of Denmark     La flamme qui griffe by Fabrice Ducret (Denmark)

ESPAÑA     La gitanilla by Luis Ponce de Leon (Spain)

Italia     La nebbia sui colli by Giovanni Guglielmino (Italy)

USA     Lady Chardonney by Mark Weber (United States)

ESPAÑA     Lágrimas en la noche by Maria José Samaniego (Spain)

Flag of Lithuania   Lament by Feliksas Bajoras (Lithuania)

Flag of Morocco    L’ange rose by Mohammed Chabab (Morocco)

Italia     L’arc-en-ciel by Celestina Masotti (Italy)

Flag of Hungary   Leaf of the lake by László Leber (Hungary)

Flag of Peru     Legacy of love by Xanti Kerman (Peru)

ALEMANIA     Lento e cantabile in C minor by Heinrich Klassen (Germany)

USA     Les choses qui brillent by Zane Gillespie (United States)

HOLANDA     Let’s go outside by Donna Verdell (Pseudonym) (Holland)  

PORTUGAL     Letter II (to Amílcar Vasques Dias) by Christopher Bochmann (Portugal)

ALEMANIA     Letzte Möglichkeit by Guido Korbach (Germany)

USA     Leviathan by Robin Julian Heifetz (United States)

USA     Lifting up by Dan Senn (United States)

Italia     Lilli by Fabio Vernizzi (Italy)

Resultat d'imatges de BELGIUM TINY FLAG     Little Bach Hommage by Bart van Kerchove (Belgium)

USA     Little prelude by Mariza Costa-Cabral (United States)

ESPAÑA     Lizeth by Alexander Doria (Spain)

Irlanda     Lorca’s last walk by Brent Parker (Ireland)

ARGENTINA     Los juegos de Brian by Anibal Seminara (Argentina)

Flag of Peru     Love theme by Xanti Kerman (Peru)

Nueva zelanda bandera     Loving in the rain by Rachel LaFond (New Zealand)

ESPAÑA     Luces de ciudad by Germán Ortega (Spain)

UK     Lyric piece by Robert Ward (England)