Tenth Piano Composition Competition Fidelio

(May-2019) Coming soon


Ninth Piano Composition Competition Fidelio


OBRAS: 182 / WORKS: 182

Países participantes: 29 / Participating countries: 29

Spain, Germany, United States, Finland, England, South Korea, Italy, China, Scotland, Russia, Arab Emirates United, Australia, Greece, Serbia, Holland, Belgium, Belarus, Austria, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, Uruguay, Mexico, Republic of Ireland, Canada, Israel, Moldova, Portugal and Mongolia.

Ganadores / Winners

Netherlands-flat icon  (1st Prize) Peter Lunow (Holland)

      1. Astorwalzer #1


Ireland-flat icon  (2nd Prize) Rod Moulds (Ireland)

      2. Le vent et les vagues


Ireland-flat icon  (3rd Prize) Rod Moulds (Ireland)

      3. Chrysanthemes


Finalistas / Finalists

Ireland-flat icon     Rod Moulds (Ireland)

      4. Hirondelles au crepuscule


Italy-flat icon     Giovanni Palumbo (Italy)

      5. Merry go round


Japan-flat icon     Kotaro Morikawa (Japan)

      6. Digital VIII


Greece-flat icon     Andreas Fevos (Greece)

      7. Negev


Mexico-flat icon     Sebastián Herrera  (Mexico)

      8. Presagio romántico


Russia-flat icon     Denis Kleymenov (Russia)

      9. One note Toccata


Italy-flat icon     Nicola Sergio (Italy)

      10. Nowhereland


United-States-flat icon     Paul Saphar  (USA)

      11. Awakening


United-States-flat icon     Andrew List  (USA)

      12. Dream of the beloved




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